AppArmor, Toronto

With AppArmor’s vision and mandate to include future growth, Mayhew set out to design a space that would check all the boxes and give them the workplace they envisioned.

YNCU, London

With a new location underfoot in London, Mayhew was engaged to design and develop the new YNCU branch transformation while optimizing the use of space.

Kubota | Mayhew | Corporate Interior Design

Kubota Canada

Appropriately parallel task distributed potentialities via reliable content. Interactively embrace virtual “outside the box” thinking before premium models.

Cobalt Branding Wall | Mayhew | Corporate Interior Design


Cobalt’s new space designed by Mayhew is simple, accommodating and inviting. It sends a strong message through bold branding colours and logo. excerpt in case I need it.

Mitchell Plastics | Mayhew | Corporate Interior Design

Mitchell Plastics

Share this PostArea40,000 Sq.ft IndustryCorporateServicesFull Interior DesignSpace PlanningFurniture SpecificationsMillworkSignageMitchell Plastics is a leading supplier of functional and decorative plastic parts for vehicle interiors. They had outgrown their existing facility in Kitchener …

MCAP | Mayhew | Corporate Interior Design


Share this PostArea72,000 Sq.ftIndustryFinancialServicesFull Interior DesignSpace PlanningFurniture SpecificationsMillworkSignageWhen MCAP, one of Canada’s preeminent independent mortgage companies, had outgrown their existing offices located in Kitchener, Ontario they looked to their trusted …

Hub Kitchen | Mayhew | Corporate Interior Design


Share this PostArea13,750 Sq.ftIndustryInsuranceServicesFull Interior DesignSpace PlanningFurniture SpecificationsMillworkSignageHub Financial engaged Mayhew Inc. to provide Interior Design consulting services for their 10th floor office space. Their existing offices were not reflective …

Axonify | Mayhew | Corporate Interior Design


Share this PostArea65,000 Sq.ftIndustryTechnologyServicesFull Interior DesignSpace PlanningFurniture SpecificationsMillworkSignageAs a leader in learning technology, Waterloo-based Axonify was rapidly growing. When the single level building across the way became available for lease, …

Kia | Mayhew | Corporate Interior Design

KIA Canada

Kia has been a longstanding client of Mayhew’s since 2003. Mayhew was engaged to develop Design Guideline Documents for Kia Canada. We have worked with over 150 dealerships across Canada to help revamp their dealership in accordance to the design documents established in 2003.