We are Mayhew

We create spaces that inspire.

At Mayhew Inc, our purpose is to craft inspiring workspaces that empower both individuals and organizations to flourish. We deeply understand the profound impact that the work environment has on our well-being and productivity. This is why we are passionately dedicated to curating extraordinary workspaces that transcend functionality and aesthetics.

Our journey is rooted in a fundamental conviction: spaces that inspire have the power to ignite creativity, drive innovation, and foster collaboration. With a people-centered approach to design, we immerse ourselves in understanding the distinct needs and aspirations of our clients. Through attentive listening and close collaboration, we ensure that each workspace we create is an authentic reflection of the organization it hosts.

We’re fueled by a passion to redefine the concept of a workspace. Our team of visionary designers is in a perpetual pursuit of fresh ideas and ingenious solutions, continuously reshaping work environments. From cafés designed to spark casual conversations to tranquil breakout areas that encourage relaxation, every detail is meticulously considered to cultivate seamless workflows and harmonious interactions.

At Mayhew Inc, we take immense pride in our ability to transform spaces into catalysts for excellence. We hold a strong belief that the right environment has the potential to embolden individuals to reach their zenith and empower organizations to transcend their objectives.

Workspaces that drive success.

We recognize that where we work significantly affects our overall well-being and productivity. This is why we’re dedicated to crafting exceptional workspaces that transcend mere functionality and aesthetics.

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Our Story

Our journey began humbly as a small office supply store in Windsor, Ontario, back in 1934. Today, we proudly stand as an integrated family business that has redefined the landscape of workspace solutions since our establishment in 2015.

Fuelled by an entrepreneurial spirit and a relentless desire to think outside the box, Mayhew Inc. emerged as a beacon of knowledge, experience, and talent in the industry. We embarked on a mission to challenge the status quo and pioneer a new methodology that revolutionizes how workspaces are crafted.

Why Mayhew?

Here’s a fresh perspective on an often underestimated business asset: The Workplace. We invite you to envision your workspace as a strategic business instrument rather than a mere expense to manage. We recognize that genuine success arises from harmonizing people, processes, technology, and space. Any alteration in one facet inevitably ripples through the others.

As we navigate this new hybrid work world, let Mayhew Inc. stand by your side as you conceptualize a workspace that lifts your business to new pinnacles. Embrace the future confidently, secure in the knowledge that your space is tailored to bolster your team, refine your operations, and harness technology in unprecedented ways. Together, let’s forge a workspace that thrusts your organization toward unparalleled achievement. 

Our Team

Our Power is Our People

Leadership / Key Contacts

Meet Mayhew’s professional team of Registered Interior Designers, Brand Consultants, Project & Operational Managers, Furniture Specialists, Ergonomists, Installers and Administrators. Our team will identify the best solution to create the optimal workplace for your organization. From innovative design, to creative branding, to product and implementation solutions, our team can make your vision a reality.

Marcia Mayhew, CEO

Monica Mayhew,  Workplace Solutions Specialist

Mark Mayhew, Mayhew Founder & Advisor

Christine Mayhew, Mayhew Founder & Design Principal

Paul Bradshaw, Vice President

Joan Phillips, EVP & Design Principal

Harpreet Singh, Managing Director, Consulting Services 

George Papadatos, Creative Director

Paul Bradshaw, Vice President

Allen Tuyen, Director, Solutions Delivery

Regina Terpselas, Director of Talent, HR

Our Culture

Mayhew embraces diversity and values a lively, inclusive culture, believing it’s the key to our growth. Courage and humility are at our core, inspiring fearless innovation and respectful interactions. We celebrate with engaging events, continuous learning, and supportive benefits, enhancing our sense of community. Our focus is on PEOPLE—our team and those we design for—promoting well-being through thoughtful workspace design. Inclusivity drives our hiring, supplier relationships, and community involvement. Our culture thrives on these core principles, making Mayhew an exceptional workplace where everyone’s contributions are valued, and our clients and team flourish.

Giving Back to Our Communnity

Mayhew is deeply committed to community involvement, support, and stewardship. Our values drive us to make a positive impact by engaging with local organizations, encouraging employee volunteering, and prioritizing responsible resource management. We’re dedicated to a better, more sustainable future for all, constantly seeking ways to enhance community well-being. 

We’re excited to share that our organization has been collaborating closely with Gillian’s Place on a significant initiative. Gillian’s Place, a pioneer in providing safe haven and support for abused women, non-binary individuals, and their children for over 40 years, has been a crucial force in breaking the cycle of violence.

Our involvement revolves around enhancing their current shelter, which, with 18 bedrooms and 34 beds, has become inadequate to meet the growing demand and provide the compassionate care they aspire to deliver. We’re engaged to support the team in reimagining and expanding their facilities to effectively address the unique and complex needs of their vulnerable clients.

The project includes renovations to their existing facilities and the construction of a 9,000 sq. ft., three-story building expansion—the Marotta Family Centre for Violence Prevention & Outreach Support. This expansion will create additional space, comprising 5 new bedrooms, 10 shelter beds, security upgrades, communal areas, staff wellness space, a pet shelter, and more.

This initiative is a significant step towards ensuring Gillian’s Place can continue its vital mission in the community, providing the necessary refuge and support for those in need of a safe and caring environment to break free from the cycle of violence.  

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