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Workplace Strategy

What We Do
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Unleash Workplace Strategy's Potential

Workplace strategy is a dynamic approach that empowers businesses to optimize their work environments, unleash employee potential, and elevate overall productivity and well-being.   Workplace Strategy is the process of developing a well thought out plan to align a company’s physical workspace with its operational and cultural goals.  

It involves analysis of the way you use your workspace to understand your current ways of working and your aspirations.  

Our Approach

Space Utilization Studies

Our discreet space auditors, observe your office environment for two weeks, using software to track meeting room, desk, and ancillary space usage.  Offering valuable insights into the patterns and timing of space utilization, allowing us to provide you with valuable data to enhance your workplace efficiency.

Employee Sentiment Survey

Our detailed customizable questionnaire is thoughtfully designed to capture your team’s demographics, personalities, perceptions of their current working environment, and how they utilize it. Additionally, it delves into their aspirations and future desires for an ideal workplace. By encompassing these essential elements, the questionnaire becomes an integral part of your organization’s employee engagement program, benefiting every member of your team.

Interviews & Focus Groups

Individual interviews offer confidential platforms for employees to express their thoughts, while focus groups encourage collaborative discussions. Using a series of small group activities and facilitated discussion, we identify whether your team’s vision match those of the business leaders. The collective feedback helps us tailor an inclusive and purpose-driven workspace that enhances productivity and employee satisfaction.

Change Management

Change management is a vital part of facilitating a smooth transition during initiatives or workspace transformations. We help you build a comprehensive communication and training plan to help prepare your employees for change, addresses concerns, and fosters a positive mindset, ensuring a successful outcome.  

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