What We Do


What We Do
Furniture Solutions

Shaping a Unique Experience

The furniture in your workplace plays a crucial role in shaping your employee’s experience. Whether you are looking for a more traditional setup or are ready to embrace a space that supports the new Hybrid employee’s way of working, we can create a unique environment with furniture that supports your organization goals and caters to the needs of your team.  

The right furniture solutions for your business will depend on your needs and your ways of working.

Our Process

Our expertise lies in specifying a range of furniture and fixtures that align with the design intent of your project, all while considering your budget, lead times and individual user requirements.

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Sourcing & Procurement
Our product portfolio features a diverse selection of top-tier Canadian furniture manufacturers and suppliers. By championing and investing in local enterprises, we play an integral role in fostering the continued success of domestic businesses while ensuring our clients receive the ultimate benefits of competitive, fair pricing, and unmatched craftsmanship.

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Furniture Audits
Examination of your current office furniture to pinpoint valuable assets that can be integrated into your new workspace design. At times, investing in new furniture may not be necessary, especially when your existing pieces are still under warranty and adequately serve their purpose.

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Our project management team takes charge of the furniture installation for your project, efficiently coordinating with all trades on-site and ensuring deliveries adhere to the schedule. Stay updated with daily installation reports and a comprehensive project completion report. Even after you’ve settled in, you can rely on our project management group to manage any day-to-day requirements or adjustments, ensuring your workspace continually aligns with your evolving needs.

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