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Workplace Design

What We Do
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Workplace Design

Our innovative team works closely with you to integrate your workspace design with your brand identity, enrich your company culture, and amplify overall performance. As we craft the design, our estimators offer clear cost perspectives, ensuring your budget remains practical and your workspace development advances with assurance.


Embarking on a collaborative journey with our esteemed Client Project Teams and Committees, Mayhew Inc. introduces our unique approach to workspace design. Our process begins by deeply immersing ourselves in your present workspace landscape, gaining a comprehensive understanding of your brand and workplace standards. Through a series of project kick-off sessions and on-site observations, we unveil valuable insights into the current state.

Having established this crucial foundation, we transition into engaging with designated client stakeholders, a collective including Senior Management and Key Stakeholders. Inclusive focus sessions and interviews, often involving Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), enrich our understanding, ensuring a holistic representation of your unique perspective.

This inclusive approach empowers us to not only understand but align seamlessly with your business objectives, desired culture, and brand essence. We dive into the intricate details of work processes, the dynamics of individual and team tasks, and the fabric of interactions. We explore the nuances of current and emerging technologies, the strategic value of interior assets, and the fundamental underpinnings of functional programming data.

Believing profoundly in envisioning the future of your workspace, we strive to create spaces and facilities that align seamlessly with your intended purpose for the office. This exploration guides our design, characterized by meticulous comprehension, inclusive collaboration, and a forward-looking perspective.

Design Process

Our interior design process at Mayhew Inc. is meticulously structured, focusing on understanding your unique needs, envisioning the perfect space, and guiding its transformation into reality. We believe that successful designs stem from a comprehensive understanding of your objectives, paired with creative expertise and technical precision. 

Information Gathering
At the heart of our design process lies a commitment to understanding your business needs, vision, budget, and objectives. We start by engaging in insightful conversations to gather essential information that will serve as the foundation for your project.

Client Collaboration: We believe in a collaborative approach, working closely with you to ensure your vision is at the forefront of the design.

Budget and Objectives Analysis: Understanding your budget constraints and specific project objectives allows us to tailor our approach and recommendations accordingly.

Schematic Design
With a deep understanding of your requirements, we proceed to develop and refine the initial plans, presenting you with a concept that reflects your vision.

Conceptualization and Ideation: Our skilled designers translate your ideas into visual concepts and preliminary design plans, giving you a glimpse of the future space.

Feedback Integration: We value your feedback and use it to refine the plans, ensuring that the evolving design aligns with your expectations.

Design Development
This stage involves the design of a concept that not only meets your budget and schedule requirements but also resonates with your brand identity and desired aesthetic.

Budget and Schedule Alignment: We make sure that the design aligns with your predetermined budget and schedule, ensuring a feasible and efficient project plan.

Concept Finalization: After iterative feedback and revisions, we arrive at a finalized design concept that incorporates your vision seamlessly.

Working Drawings
To move from concept to reality, we create detailed working drawings that are essential for permit applications and construction tendering.

Technical Precision: Our team, comprised of designers with NCIDQ and BCIN designation, ensures the technical accuracy and compliance with building codes in the working drawings.

Permit Application and Construction Tender Support: We provide comprehensive support for permit application processes and tendering to facilitate a smooth transition to the construction phase.

Oversee Implementation
We remain committed to ensuring that the design vision is translated accurately during the construction phase.

Quality Control and Specification Compliance: Our experts closely monitor construction, guaranteeing that the project is executed to specification and adheres to our high standards of quality.

Timely Progress Monitoring: We keep a keen eye on the construction progress, making certain that the project stays on schedule and within the defined budget.

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