Our Expertise: Commercial Design

Through our expertise in office interior design, Mayhew maximizes your investment in technology, process, and people by leveraging your investment in space. Combining smart workspace planning with the right office furniture will contribute directly to your business results.

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Integrated Workplace Consultancy

At Mayhew we create human-centred office solutions that engage, empower and inspire the people that inhabit them. We partner with our clients, to ask the hard question, challenge convention and apply new thinking. Ultimately we translate design strategy and business goals into space that unlock the potential of people, allowing them to do their best. Commercial design brings people together to create ideas and better business outcomes.

The conventional process of translating design into a built environment is broken; delays and cost-overruns for clients are almost always inevitable. Mayhew’s seamless end to end integrated design model, conform to budget from the onset and, not only meet schedules, but often can be delivered faster and with costs controlled at every point including ongoing operational and reconfiguration costs.

A workplace that works will:

Optimize Real Estate
Drive Innovation
Enhance Collaboration
Promote Brand & Culture
Foster Wellbeing

Workplace Strategy

Workplace Strategy begins by asking the right questions and if it is not executed thoroughly, the pitfalls and challenges will prove costly.

Mayhew’s approach starts off with the Strategy because we understand that the physical work environment and work patterns have a significant effect on people’s Behaviors and Performance.  It’s very simple, a client automatically becomes part of a workplace strategy when “Change” is required. These changes can be driven by Economics, Technology, Nature of the Work, Workforce, Preparedness and even Environment. They trigger workplace strategizing through changes they are thinking of doing. In order for a client to proceed, there must be a financial benefit to this type of investment.


Change Management

Every Client is unique and we look at what the best approach is when analyzing their needs. Change management is the practice which guides how businesses prepare, plan and support its workforce, partners and suppliers to successfully adopt this change.

No matter what is designed, if the end users do not understand the intent and reasons, it will cause confusion which inevitably leads to failure. The making for a smooth transition is always at Mayhew’s Design Thinking and the reason for Change Management guidance.

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