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Candybox Marketing


3,500 sq ft

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We are immensely delighted to have partnered with Candy Box Marketing on their transformative journey. Our collaboration encompassed a multifaceted approach, commencing with strategic advisory regarding the selection of an ideal suite based on meticulous feasibility plans and test fits. Subsequently, upon the successful conclusion of the deal, we seamlessly transitioned into orchestrating the complete design and build-out of their studio space.

Through intensive focus sessions and a deep understanding of the core elements driving Candy Box Marketing’s triumph, we crafted an all-encompassing design solution that maximized the spatial potential while exuding the brand’s ethos and identity.

The result is an awe-inspiring and highly functional workspace that boasts captivating features such as a signature candy wall, a state-of-the-art Production/Film Studio, a vibrant café serving exceptional coffee, well-appointed meeting rooms, and dynamic scrum spaces. This workspace harmoniously aligns with their digital domain, underscoring the synergy between their physical and virtual realms, ultimately exemplifying Candy Box Marketing’s commitment to innovation and excellence.

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