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Mayhew has been an excellent partner to Equitable throughout our head office renovations project. At every step of the way, they worked to understand our organization’s needs and then work to design and build to meet them. They were adaptable when we needed to make changes and they were agile and quick with their responses. The result is a completely refreshed head office that has met our expectations and is providing a great space for our employees. We appreciate the longstanding relationship we’ve had with Mayhew and their attention to detail and ability to problem solve has been top notch.


Chris Brown

Executive Vice President, Chief Human Resources and Communications Officer

About the project

The strategy for this project was to create a workspace with clear zones for focus work, collaboration and socialization. Moving away from a traditional office layout with perimeter private offices, large workstations and minimal meeting spaces, the new design allows for the company’s hybrid work policy to be supported with distinct neighbourhoods for teams on their in-office days, while incorporating multiple and varied meeting spaces to encourage interaction and collaboration amongst employees. Similarly, settings for socialization were added to reinforce the importance of building relationships when in the office.

The main goals for the project were to:

  • Achieve a layout that supports rotating teams in the office
  • Create a space that encourages staff wellbeing
  • Provide settings for staff collaboration and mixed presence meetings
  • Incorporate flexibility to allow for future growth and organizational change
  • Encourage team and relationship building among staff

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