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GSK Consumer Health

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GSK Consumer Health


25,000 sq ft

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Our design strategy for the project was centered around creating a bright, open, and welcoming space that fostered a sense of connection to the outdoors. We aimed to incorporate natural elements throughout the environment, such as ample natural light, indoor greenery, and the use of sustainable materials. By prioritizing the well-being of the occupants, we intended to create a space that promoted productivity, creativity, and overall employee satisfaction.

To achieve a timeless aesthetic, we employed a design approach that balanced contemporary elements with classic features, ensuring that the space remained visually appealing and relevant for years to come. Our design encompassed varying styles of collaboration areas, providing users with a range of options for working and interacting with colleagues, fostering flexibility and choice.

To meet budget requirements, we strategically incorporated the existing environment and repurposed elements wherever possible. This approach not only helped manage costs but also infused the office with a fresh and energizing atmosphere.

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