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3,000 sq ft

SBID Design Awards Finalist | Mayhew | Corporate Interior Design

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MaRS Discovery District had a long list of requirements for the space that was left unfinished after the construction of the Phase Two building. They wanted to create a flexible lounge for tenants and the MaRS community to work and meet on a drop-in basis but have the flexibility of converting the space into an event venue.

To meet the client’s desired outcome, Mayhew designed the MaRS CIBC Live Lounge, located off the main atrium, to have the full flexibility in its use. The open floor plan, punctuated with angular columns and circular ceiling elements, allows the space to be converted into an event venue by re-arranging the modular furniture. The moveable frameless glass system along the front wall allows the space to be private and quiet when closed, and more public when open.

Inspired by the movement of ideas within the brain and within the MaRS building, Mayhew developed the design concept of “network and connections”. Drawing on MaRS’ science focus, our design used mathematical formulas (Golden Section/Rule) to represent energy through the formation of angles on the floor, columns and feature wall. We created radii and angles within the architecture to help draw people from the atrium into the space and to establish a new epicenter of the MaRS building.  The result is a functional space that reflects the innovative tenants and activities within the building, and a creates a new hub of excitement within the MaRS Discovery District.

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