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53,000 sq ft

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In response to the client’s urgent need for additional space, Mayhew undertook a transformative endeavor that seamlessly merged functionality and aesthetics. Tasked with locating a suitable site and crafting an environment aligned with the client’s specific requisites, Mayhew orchestrated a masterful symphony of design. The migration of private offices to the communal expanse was harmoniously executed, and the reduction of staff footprint deftly managed.

Envisioning an open, harmonious atmosphere, Mayhew adeptly wove private enclaves, meeting rooms, and telephone booths into the fabric of the layout. Enveloping their vision with an air of warmth and welcome, Mayhew cultivated a brand identity that resonated throughout the space. The culmination of their efforts resulted in an innovative town hall configuration, uniting separate meeting spaces into a grand symposium.

A dynamic lunchroom catered to sustenance and versatility, doubling as a multifaceted hub for interactions. In homage to the client’s commitment to staff well-being, Mayhew ingeniously integrated recreational zones for breaks and games, fostering a holistic ambiance. In this transformative amalgamation of form and function, Mayhew delivered not only a workspace but a living testament to harmonious productivity.

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