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How Signage And Graphics Can Help Your Business


If there is anything this pandemic taught us, it’s that our habits, behaviours, and interactions have changed. The new normal has us thinking of the best ways to make the transition as smooth as possible while minimizing employees’ fears and risks of infection. So how can we make your workplace a place that works? By using signage and graphics! Here are a few ways they can help ease anxiety in this new “normal”.

Signage and graphics can comfort your employees and visitors

Positive and welcoming signs, markers for security, and check-in processes can be positively enforced with friendly signage to promote a sense of security. Using creative illustrations that are uplifting and align with your brand can also help ease the transition back to work. Signage also stresses how seriously you take your staff’s well-being, health, and safety. It will also make employees or customers feel safe in what initially seems alien or unsettling environment.

Signage and graphics help guide employees and visitors

Signage can direct employees and visitors in the direction of motion to follow while at the workplace. With clearly defined graphics on floors, walls, and other surfaces, queues can be managed and will assist and maintain social distancing. With proper directional graphics, any physical contact or collision points will be greatly reduced.

Signage and graphics help promote cleaning protocols

The overall purpose of signage related to cleaning and sanitizing is to promote safety and health. It illustrates how your company values your employees’ and visitors’ wellbeing. Everyone is already anxious about all these changes so make sure your communication is colourful and welcoming. People are already anxious about all these changes so make sure your communication is colourful and welcoming. Use companion communications such as “LET’S WASH OUR HANDS” instead of “WASH YOUR HANDS” to portray cleaning protocols and sanitizer stations for a stronger impact. Communication like this also appears more inclusive and gives more of a we-are-all-in-this-together messaging which is motivating. In busy areas, you can catch employee and visitor attention by using bigger fonts, contrasting colours, and position the signs in spots that are hard to miss.

How Mayhew Can Help

In these difficult times, workplace design plays a huge role in your employee and visitor experience. It has the power of improving office culture by focusing on the needs of your employees and visitors. We create workplaces that work. If you’d like to learn more about our graphic and wayfinding design services to help revamp your office for social distancing guidelines, contact us today.

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