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Why More Offices Need To Be Pet-Friendly

Office Employees With Pet | Mayhew | Corporate Interior Design

For generations, pets have played a significant role in people’s lives. For many of us, our pets are an integral part of our family and our best friend. It’s no wonder that the number of Canadian pet owners is increasing. More and more individuals are noticing the positive impact that pets can have on their lives, wellbeing and mental health. Similarly, companies are increasingly jumping on the bandwagon of offering their employees the option of bringing their pets to work or even having a dedicated office pet. 

Besides just being adorable, office pets are a strategic choice for businesses to increase their bottom line. You heard that right. Companies like Google are encouraging their employees to bring their pets to their office to boost productivity, encourage collaboration and ultimately, foster business growth. In today’s age, every company’s business plan should include an office pet. Here’s why. 

Employee Retention

Today’s job seekers and employees are looking for much more office perks than free gym memberships and a foosball table. Employees spend the majority of their week in the office and pet-friendly offices are much more appealing to them. Offering employees an office pet and other perks that foster employee wellbeing plays a key role in employee sentiment and retention. Even more, showing your employees that you prioritize their mental health and wellbeing can further improve employee retention. It’s a simple equation; when your employees enjoy coming to work, they are more likely to stay and advocate about your positive work culture to others. It’s a win-win situation.


The best practices for team-building and boosting collaboration has been a mystery businesses have been trying to solve for generations. From team days, to open office spaces, businesses are continuously trying to find ways to build a strong connection between their employees and encourage a positive and collaborative environment. But what if the solution to more collaboration has less to with team activities and more to do with 4 paws and a tail? Believe it or not, having an office pet reduces conflict and tensions in the workplace, resulting in a healthier and more positive work environment for employees. 

There’s nothing like bonding over your mutual love for pets! For your pet-loving employees, having an office pet provides an opportunity to build stronger relationships with different team members and departments. Studies have shown that a pet’s presence in the office fosters builds a rapport between team members, and fosters trust.  


Considered one of the main driving factors behind company growth and revenue, boosting productivity needs to be a top priority for companies. Employees need to be on their A-game in the office to maximize productivity and efficiency. The truth is, employees only have so much time and capacity to complete projects, meet deadlines, and satisfy clients. With the hustle and bustle of work, burn out and brain fog have become all too common amongst employees, who get caught up in their projects and forget to take breaks. 

The solution? An office pet. Not only are employees encouraged to take breaks to interact with the office furry companion, but they are also forced to leave their desks and computers to temporarily unplug. Continuous screen time and prolonged sitting can take a toll on an individual’s productivity, ability to focus and creativity. Pets encourage employees to take a breather and a mental break, leading to higher levels of productivity and fewer errors. 

Employee Morale & Wellbeing

How your employees feel about their work, office space and your business can truly make or break your business’s growth and impact your bottom line. When employees are feeling stressed, overworked, unhappy and drained, the first thing that gets impacted is the quality of work that is being delivered and their efficiency levels. An office pet can do wonders for your employee morale. In fact, a new study by Virginia Commonwealth University discovered that animals in the office significantly reduced stress levels in employees. 

Even more, studies have shown that animals in the office lower cortisol levels, which affects an individual’s energy levels and mood and also increases oxytocin, leaving employees feeling more optimistic and less stressed out. Less stress and a positive work environment equate to more motivation, drive and higher work quality.  

Sharing Our Story 

At our Mayhew office, we were graced with the loving presence of our office dog, Blue. Aside from the business benefits, Blue brought the Mayhew team together and was the foundation of our Mayhew family. Our team would be greeted every morning with a happy jump and a wagging tail from Blue. From lunch breaks to brainstorm sessions, Blue was always there to comfort a stressed Mayhew team member and bring joy into our day-to-day lives. Recently, our loving office dog passed away. But, Blue’s impact on Mayhew will always be remembered. Thank you for everything Blue. You will be truly missed.


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