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Office Space Rationalization 

The sudden rise of remote working due to the pandemic has prompted many companies to re-evaluate their space requirements, and economic uncertainty has placed a greater importance on flexibility.  While these trends were accelerated in 2020 due to COVID-19, they have been in the works for quite some time.  Over the past several years we have seen the traditional office environment evolve into a more agile and flexible space built for activity-based usage and multi-purpose environments.  

“Workspace rationalization involves looking at current office space requirements and aligning them with an organization’s overall business strategy.    

In addition to reviewing and re-thinking operating models, the process of space rationalization involves combining information regarding space usage and a company’s cultural climate to identify existing inefficiencies as it relates to space.  The purpose of this process is to increase usability in the physical environment to maximize productivity, creativity and results. 

COVID-19 is impacting space requirements for organizations differently across the board. Here are some ways our clients are responding: 

More Space – Some businesses are taking on more space to implement physically-distanced layouts. 


Staying Put Some businesses are choosing to remain in their current space, simply adjusting their layout to allow for proper physical distancing and planning to implement a scheduled rotation of employees on premises to ensure appropriate capacity limits. 

Less Space- Some businesses have permanently adopted remote strategies and have decided to take less space, re-designing the remaining space to focus on promoting team activities centered around collaboration, coaching and connection. 

Mayhew’s space rationalization process delivers a workspace that is tailored to the way your team worksProvide a solution that enables your team to work at their highest potential and your business will experience increased productivity as a result.  

A review of your space may reveal reduced real estate requirements for your business allowing you to downsize and move to a new location or sublet the unused portion of your space.  

How space is effectively utilized is more important now than ever.  With the eventual move back to the office, there will be a greater emphasis on amenity spaces in order to excite and entice employees to return.  The primary function of the office will serve as a social hub to encourage collaboration, innovation, reignite the human connection and build pride in company culture.   

How are you rethinking your office space? 

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