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With workplace solutions spanning far beyond office furniture, our projects lead with design, for stronger results that are customized, innovative and inspiring.

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Our Office Interior Design starts with our Workplace Strategists examining your core drivers, of why you are making the change. Once we understand what you’re looking to achieve, we can create a tailored approach that meets all of your needs.

We start with a space utilization study allows which allows us to understand how your current workplace performs and identify inefficiencies in how the space is used. We then engage with your greatest assets: your people. The best solutions and ideas are already within your organization. We engage directly with your team through a variety of methods, including focus workshops, collaborative sessions, interviews, online surveys and day in the life studies.

Our detailed report combines all the data gathered and provides a clear direction for the creative design process. We ensure that every design element serves a purpose ensuring the space that is created increases the productivity and efficiency of the organization.

what we do

Architectural Design
Activity Based Working
Change Management
Ergonomic Consulting
LEED Consulting
Project Management

Prime Consulting
Space Envisioning (VRE)
Technical Furniture Services
Workspace Exploration
Feasibility Studies
Workplace Strategy
Space Programming

design process

Information Gathering
Design/Concept Development


visualize your designed space

Virtual reality (VR) technology is revolutionizing the way companies provide clients with engaging learning experiences. Here’s where we bring your plan to life – literally! With our VR technology, Mayhew immerses you ‘inside’ your environment to virtually experience your new space - before we start. This innovative technology helps validate the results and allows for early trouble shooting.
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